From Nerd to Diva: Celebrity Edition ft. Lele Pons

Everyone has heard the story of Cinderella, one of the original Disney Princesses that gets turned into a beautiful girl who is draped in silk ballgown and precious diamonds around her neck but all of this is done with the help of a Fairy God Mother.


Moving on to the 21st century, the same awe-inspiring Social Media Influencers are ruling the game. Today, let’s talk about Lele Pons, one of the biggest Influencers and personally my favorite.


There’s no stopping her now! Started on Vine a few years back, Lele rather quickly became one of the Top Viners by her comedy skits. After her whole transformation, Lele has even walked the runways for well-known brands and has been also featuring in musics= videos that end up getting hundreds of millions of views on youtube. For example – Camila Cabello’s Havana music video.


Yes, in the past have also attracted some controversy but it is minor to the mess that Logan Paul has created in 2018. 😉 The above image is the seed that sparked the whole drama but now its all water under the bridge.


Yes, this Barbie sure does have a Ken and that my friend is Juanpa Zurita. Yup, that’s right, another various youtube celebrity. Well, if you look at their pictures who would ship them hard I like do too.

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Must-Have Home Decor: A Cool Laundry Storage Basket

What’s up, people! I am back with another product review for you and this time is something that basically every home needs. Nowadays people are looking for objects to place in their houses that go with the flow. You know, that is trending and looking good…even in the background.


Laundry Basket is one of those things that you need to have in your room. As this helps you stay organized and make more space around the room. And here is the best option that you can find online, seriously trust me! Below are some of the closeup pictures with their details as well:


This is how the packaging was when the product arrived, it was good and no damage was done to the package.


I really like the fact that the seller provided leather straps as holders on this bin basket rather than using the same material for holders. This gives the laundry basket a more sophisticated and rich look.


I have ordered the medium size and this is the length of the basket it is quite big. There are available a lot of color and design options to choose from. Also, the sizes range from small, medium and large products.


The print is what made me like it so much as I just LOVE the color yellow and the pattern is quite unique. The quality is again very sold and sturdy that means it holds its place and doesn’t stoop down.


Wanna want to know about the very best part, that is the slogan written on it – Make Me Smile. I highly recommend buying this laundry/storage basket for your home because it is basically an affordable luxury. I bought it from Aliexpress from the seller PUTING – Link. Check out their online store and you know what they also provide FREE Aliexpress Standard Shipping on each and every purchase made from their store.

The above-mentioned product has been sent to me by the store seller as a sample and it is priced at $9 and that is super pocket-friendly. A big Thumbs Up to this awesome product!!! 🙂

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Tasty Health Snacks by Gourmet Medleys

Hey there Guys, how’s your weekend going? Today, I will be talking about something that has become a luxury to have in our lives. That means I will be talking about the whole ‘Health’ topic because in our modern day schedule all we focus is on fashion, beauty, and other stuff.

So, here I am introducing you guys to a solution that will help in achieving a healthier self. A few days back, I received a few products from the brand Gourmet Medleys and this is there Instagram – LINK. At Gourmet Medleys, you can get health snacks that are natural, nutritious, unadulterated, and baked…all this at pocket-friendly prices.

Now, let’s get straight to the main part, shall we? I have received 5 products from Gourmet Medleys and I will be providing details about every single one of them below: 

Husked Green Gram Crackers Baked-Cumin

100gm for INR 95 only


Wheat Crisps Baked – Beet and Carrot

100gm for INR 90 only



Husked Green Gram Crackers Baked – Chilli

100gm for INR 95 only


Flaxseed Cookies

250gm for INR 285 only






Husked Green Gram Crackers Baked – Oregano & Basil

100gm for INR 95 only



Looks so amazing and delicious, right? Why give your friends and family unhealthy items when you can give them these super healthy snacks at an affordable price. So order them now from QTROVE, FOODSTREE, and SALEBHAI to get your hands on these awesome snacks.

Do I recommend them? YES, I do!

P.s. – As these are health and nutrition snacks kindly do not compare their taste to other artificially sweetened snacks in the market.



I bet you didn’t know some of these WTH Facts

Nowadays it’s becoming harder to distinguish between what’s good for your HEALTH and what’s not. Here are some of the FACTS that can help you in knowing more about your HABITS and yourself.

A sound sleep can make you HAPPY more than money could make you.

SUGAR can be as bad as cigarettes if taken in excess quantity.

Chewing GUM improves your BRAIN power i.e. concentration while boosting memory.

Coffee has been proved to ward off DEPRESSION.


The ATMs and Cash Machines have the same amount of germs as a toilet seat.

Less than 1% of bacteria are responsible for causing disease.

Stretching before physical activities may lower your endurance.

Females have a higher PAIN tolerance than the males.

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Have a look at Dolce and Gabbana’s Runway Show Models – The DRONES

That’s right fellas! Dolce & Gabanna did use flying Drones as Models.
Hello, my little fashion icons, hope everything is FABULOUS (if not) it will be soon…And YES, the world-renowned Designer Brand D&G did use drones to walk I mean fly down the runway in their latest runway show. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, check out the pictures and be amazed.
Even people are making memes over this whole situation like the Dolce & Gabbana are SO OVER the models, you know. Instagram and Twitter are spreading them like wildfire, my whole feed is full of drones strutting their stuff on the fashion show.
By the way, what’s your favorite Designer brand just COMMENT down below and don’t forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button as well. A couple of drones flew down the runway, each carrying a leather and jewel-encrusted high-end handbag from the brand’s latest Fall Winter 2018/19 collection. Once the drones were done, then human models returned to show off D&G’s apparel, proving that perhaps humans aren’t obsolete after all I mean not that easily. 😉

A tribute to Blur Store…

Hey Style Divas! Today’s post is different and SPECIAL, which is about a brand that I have admired for years. The brand that I am referring to is Blur Store, in case you haven’t heard about…u GOOD? Meaning, I would describe this brand as an ICONIC one – a name that played a major contribution in bringing AESTHETICS in the Fashion Industry.


It all started at in the year 2011, when BLUR was introduced as an online platform with the promise of delivering Fashion Accessories all over the country.




Blur Store is a one WOman show that is run by Shruti Bheda who founded Blur on her own. YES, that’s true! When asked Shruti – How the journey of Blur Store started? She stated that it was one of those times when you are taking a break from your regular job routine when the IDEA struck. Due to a leg fracture, Shruti was on bed rest for few months and that time the motivation to create a shopping portal like Blur.


Throughout this article, you guys will be seeing a lot of artistic pictures of models flaunting EDGY and stunning statement pieces. That is exactly what BLUR is about a deadly-combination when ART meets metal.

Special Announcement:-

This is the LAST week of Blur Store, unfortunately, they are closing it down because Shurti has a lot more to conquer and wants to connect to our natural elements i.e., to be GREENER on the inside. But that’s not the end of this announcement…a SUPER deal has been going on this last week of the brand where all items [I Repeat] ALL PRODUCTS are being sold at the price of just 300 bucks or below.


Amazing, isn’t it? I personally have ordered 8 items till now and I think more will be placed by me. 😉 I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to check out their website – LINK. From earring to rings to shoes, you name they have it. The stocks are selling out quick so what are you waiting for and don’t forget to have a look at their Look Book too (it’s LIT!).

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Get ’em Valentino Sneakers!

Ola Guys! Hope you had an AMAZING Valentine’s week or in my case day but nevermind fam. Let’s talk about something Designer, you know the stuff showcased my celebrities and all. Don’t worry I am here to guide you through the genuine high-end products by comparing both real and fake product in the images below. Today, we will be doing a Fake VS Real edition of a brand that hasn’t been compared to me before – ‘Valentino’.

Product Info


Let’s begin the process now, the above image shows the real Valentino sneaker with the fake one. Can you spot the differences between these two kicks? If not, then let me help you! These sneakers are the 11. Rockstud Untitled from the Luxury brand Valentino Garavani…


In the side the there are many points to notice – the size, alignment, and coloring of the pair of shoes. The fake one’s studs are more of a yellow gold than the original sneaker. Look at the bottom curve of the shoes you will notice a slight curve in the real brand sneaker.


Here, the main giveaway will be the label of the brand’s name in the middle section. There are differences in font, size, and quality of the 11. ROCKSTUD UNTITLED, this should not be faded as this represents the range of the sneakers.


The sizing of both of the shoes varies i.e. that fake sneaker is not as broad as the real one from the behind. And the studs alignment is not correct as they are smaller in size and have much more space between them.


This is one of the most obvious sign you can use to identify the genuine Valentino pair of shoes. What do you think?


This is the packaging with the extras like the dustbag, cards etc. The real sneakers come with a spare set of laces and the fake will not have any spares. Also, the Valentino label on the lower side is the proof of the real sneakers by the designer brand Valentino.

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