Do you believe in SOMO ?

According to urban dictionary, SOMO a.k.a. Style Of My Own defines to do not follow any dresscodes but to wear whatever you want. But here we are stalking celebrities on social media waiting to copy the next instafamous fashion trend ….Why ? Why not create our own style statement ?

The ordinary people are not the only one that are stealing someone else’s fashion creativity the celebrities do that too in fact, they do it all the time. Remember that time in Coachella when Kylie Jenner stole Brit Day a designer by profession’s look and even dyed her hair pastel pink just like Ms. Day, let me refresh your memory by these pictures.

And that’s just not it everyday people try to be the exact same copy of a different individual or be the NEXT version of someone, why not try to improvise, you know. Try out different fashion experiments coz its the perfect time to as everyone get their 15 minutes of fame.

Be Different Be unique Be You

(Best version of yourself !!!)

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