L’oreal & Balmain are up to create some dope Lipstick collection

What to expect when a beloved Celebrity Designer brand, in this case BALMAIN decides to tease you with spoilers of a surprise collaboration with a drug-store beauty brand L’oreal….some stuff for us mortal to LUST over.

For the past few days, we all have been seeing the collabrative teases in the (hashtag) #BecauseWeWorthIt and #Comingsoon (obviously) all over our Instagram feed. Right now the anticipation is reaching skies because the collection looks everything we have wished for and some more.

The shade in the display picture is called “Confidence”, a shimy shimy Rose-gold color and will be officially launched in the month of September with other 10+ shades covering nudish pinks to dark vampy colors.

FYI, I have total faith in Olivier Rousteing, that this Lipstick Edition will be Epic.

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