What Apple leaks tell us about new iPhone ?

Every year when September comes closer and closer, the buzz is all about the information gathered revoloving around the Apple’s new iPhone that is to be launched wheather details are Rumors or official Leaks.

Here’s the List of the Top 5 Hints, I gathered that might end up getting TRUE :-

  1. StatusBar – You might have seen that top most portion of the screen is bisected by the cut-out of the camera. According to Steve T.S. the UI has been redone resulting in split options.
  2. Home Button – If you are an active twitter user, a code screenshoot saying “deviceHasHomeButton”, 0 …..here the zero signifies the disappearence of Home Button.
  3. Bezels – These are the o’big and wide borders that covers the top as well as bottom of the Home Button, secondary camera i.e. basically various sensors present. To compete with smarter evolving gadgets, one must get rd of the extra baggage.
  4. Charging – Inductive Charging a.k.a Wireless charging can be said as one of the most awaited rumor that people want to be a reality. As said by Ming-Chi-Kuo, we can hope this feature will come true.
  5. Face Recognition – The upcoming iPhone is said to feature an Infra-red Face Unlock mechanism in the Biometric Kit of the coding files that were leaked in the previous days.

So, what do think ? Do you Agree – If YES hit the like button and if NO let me know your opinion via comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

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