Do you favor the term Book-worm or Book-lover ?

National Book Lovers Day a fun holiday that’s celebrated unofficially twice a year by Bibliophiles from the land of the mystical creatures to the planet that’s unknown to us (Too much ??? Sorrrrrry guys !!! Pardon my geeky imagination….it kinda flies wild πŸ™‚ )

BOOKS, What do you see? A word just a few characters placed together or an object that holds the power to give a whole new meaning to your existence. If you chose the latter you just earned 1000 points (smirk!) I mean seriously y’all. Remember this saying, “Behind Every Succesful Man, There’s Always A Woman” now that’s one of the most misleading and sexist pieceΒ of advice anyone could ever give you. Why is the term ‘man‘ designated as successful not ‘woman’?

But the truth is that “Behind every successful person there’s always a book (or books)” Take any successful person, for instance, Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft),Β Amancio Ortega (founder of Zara), Mother Teresa (Nobel Prize winner), the list goes on and each one of them gives credit to books one way or another. Books give you the endless treasure of knowledge whetherΒ it’s an autobiography, a dictionary or even a fantasy novel (sigh!!) they always teach you something new that will come handy in life.

Go connect yourself with the lives of characters that in books go on adventures, fall in love, be a millionaire, show kindness and spread happiness……..

You might be thinking which book is my all time favorite is ‘Nikola Tesla’s biography’ (Amazing book, I tell you)

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