Can you tell real Adidas Wang’s ?

Yo, Everyone!ย I have decided to make a NEW category “Fake vs Real” which will be featuring High-end Designer Brands with images to explain the differences between the appearance and quality of products.

I’ll be posting once a week in this category and this week it’s Adidas Originals shoes from collaboration edition with Designer Alexander Wang i.e., ADIDAS ORIGINALS x AW.

IMG_20170812_155200Focusing on details is the KEY here, as you can see the spacing between the characters holds the main difference in this image.


The Real Adidas Originals bag is really soft while the fake ones come with Dust bags that are made of completely different material.


The logo placement, as well as the discolouration, give you the basic hint on the quality of the product.


The clarity in the text and font is the ultimate test to check is the Designer product is a real one or just another fake.

P.S. – If there is any specific product or Brand that you want me to write about in next week’s article DO LET ME KNOW by commenting down below.

Hope you like this stuff to talk ๐Ÿ˜‰

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