Feeling Blue ALREADY !!!

Man, I’m kinda feelin blue (ya know)……..

So many times we have heard this phrase and even said it out loud too. But Why? What does it mean? To feel sad or more like depressed, are these the emotions we rename as Blue? Congratulations then people we just created a new shade of blue ‘Gloom Blue‘.

It’s 2017, the technology has escalated endlessly in terms of connecting people from all around the world. This is the age of social media which is doing more harm than good, I mean look at the extent of Cyber Bullying. You post a picture on the internet and (BOOM) hate comments with insults that plague the digital persona you created.

Then why feel blue when you have the power to avoid all this crap, below are some points which can help you do so:

  • Block out all the negativity – It is an essential step to surround yourself with positive vibes so avoid the stuff that tries to bring you down.
  • Befriends with quality people – There’s an old saying, “The company you keep, does have an impact on you” i.e. be with people that encourage the good in you.
  • Do some workout – Physical exercise is necessary because a) it’s a good distraction b) keeps you healthy and c) You feel Good (even look good too). πŸ˜‰
  • Be Humble – Even if some things didn’t go as you planned Do Not Worry About It OK, be calm and hold on to your patience.

Don’t stress out cause remember if it ain’t right, in the end, it’s NOT the end.

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