Earn those stripes [Gucci Version]

Yo fam! How’s it going, AWESOME you say cause it’s weekend 😉

Let’s get straight to this week’s FAKE vs REAL edition and before you all point it out I’ll confess it myself, YES, it’s true I’m obsessed with GUCCI there, it’s out now (happy?)

Product – Gucci Rubber Slide Sandal (Unisex)

The reason why I am choosing these slippers is that these are known to be a basic accessory for a Gucci fan, you know a bit on the lesser expensive side. My aim here is for spreading the awareness about the designer brand products because your money’s worth it.


Look at the font people, the real one is polished and the one on the left side shows some rough edges and also, the vertical line pattern is not in proper alignment.

Gucci footwear

STRIPES, the closeup of these slippers shows the quality of material used in the making of the product. The SHINE of the stripes gives away the hint this time as the real ones have more warm-tones rather than the shiny surface. Here, the leather looking slide is the real Gucci and the plastic looking slide is a fake.

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