DUPE of Louis Vuitton Sling Bag

Hello my Trendsetters, this week’s “Affordable Luxury” edition will feature a lookalike for the major Designer brand LOUIS VUITTON’s Sling Bag. The links are mentioned below in case you feel like shopping (wink!).

Every Human Being in one way or another knows of the LV brand because they want to own that Designer stuff but it’s hella expensive, so here I am making that dream of you come true.

Street Style Store a.k.a. SSS is an online shopping website which is known to sell women footwear at really low prices and the quality of the products are genuine TRUST ME cause I recently ordered 3 pairs of shoes from this site (soon to be posted 😉 ).


Yesterday I was looking for some sneakers and found myself in the Bag section and saw this Classic-looking Sling bag with the check pattern of the brand Louis Vuitton and guess what the price of this sophisticated piece is, 400 bucks ONLY.

There are 2 color variants available right now:-

  1. BROWN – link
  2. GREY – link

p.s. – Don’t know about you guys but I am losing it over this bag, by the way, Have you checked out the Pedicure Kit Review?


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