Azote’s Nitro Ice Cream

*Spoiler Ahead – Photographs Ahead!!!*

Yo people, today I’ll be telling you guys about my FIRST IMPRESSIONS of a Food Destination which is Azote, an ice dessert parlor that is known to make ice cream by using liquid Nitrogen.


There is no sitting area in this tiny but CUTE shop so you have to eat while standing up. Good news is that they serve a diverse and large variety of flavors to choose from, trust me cause I myself end up ordering 3 different ice creams.


Also, I’ll admit watching the whole procedure of making ice cream by adding Nitrogen in liquid form was quite interesting and foggy too (a lot!).


My favorite would be the one combing Bournvita (chocolate) and cheesecake, it was so damn delicious and adding NUTELLA into it using a mini syringe was awesome.


The interior of the parlor looked something in between cozy and modern art, here are the pictures to prove it.

Fun Fact – It’s Delhi first Nitro Ice cream parlor.

Location – C-11, Ground Floor, Community Centre, SDA, New Delhi

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