The C in Chanel stands for Classy, Agree?

Hey there Fashionistas, in today’s edition of “Affordable Luxury” category we will be talking about a brand that’s known by all but not owned by all, one and the only – CHANEL

If you are a trendsetter or a stylist you gotta have some Chanel in your closet and in India the past few months have seen a huge escalation in fashion blogging. Every other person on InstagramΒ has now written how fashion enthusiast they really are.


So, why not stay stylish on a budget? It’s the festive season and HUGE sale is going on everywhere and when I looking for some accessories I came across this sling bag (in the picture) and guess what it cost only 300 bucks after discount.

Here are some other colors of the bag which are available:

Purple – Link

Black – Link

I feel this is a great bargain because you will be getting the Logo on the bag as well so yes this bag looks decent enoughΒ to buy.

p.s. – If you love COCO CHANEL as much as I do, hit the LIKE button.

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