Can I get a YASSSSSS……..’cause I might have a little something interesting to share 😉

A 3-way collaboration may be in works which some BIG names of the house, one of them is my personal favorite Designer brand CHANEL and known to be every women weakness. Previously, the ‘Happy’ singer Pharrell Williams and Adidas Originals have created some great sneakers and now adding Chanel in the team will definitely attract the female population (as far as I think..)


The above image is said to be a sample pair to gauge the reaction I guess regarding the demand of this product. The features sneakers are black & white and the top appears to be made of PrimeKnit but there’s also a bit of leather which is visible on the heel tab at the white soles. In the picture, we can also see the Pharrell and Chanel branding on each left and right shoe top.

There’s not much that can be said about this collab so but this looks like a Unisex product, at least I am hoping it will be 🙂

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