‘Long Coats’ you need to survive (like a DIVA!) this winter season

Can you define the word ‘Diva‘? According to the dictionary, it means a successful and fashionable woman but as Beyonce said a Diva is a female version of a Hustler. πŸ˜‰

What’s up, everyone! Today we will be discussing one of the clothing pieces that is a MUST for the winter season and using them an individual can create a fashion statement when the cold winds are at its full throttle. Below are the 3 different jackets that according to me are GOALS for 2017’s winter time:

Outfit #1

A basic plain long coat is a thing apparel that SHOULD be in every person’s closet (Yep, I’m talking Unisex!). The horizontal lined pattern gives you a sleek look and it’s great for the occasion when you want to impress someone with your dressing skills.

plain long coat.jpg

Outfit #2

Who doesn’t LOVE hoods and that too with FUR!!! I mean just look at that fur, giving the illusion of being soft & fluffy. This quilted design has been seen on many models and celebrities over the past years, the reason behind is that it can go with all of your different looks.

long fur coat.jpg

Outfit #3

Getting some camouflage vibes, ain’t we? I really like REALLY military inspired apparel and I’m thinking to put together all my personal favorites in a separate blog post (so #staytuned). I put this long coat on the list because of the uniqueness it offers as you can see the butterfly print making it look all nature with the shades of green but I also like the concept of staright high-collar with fitted sleeves, a designer pieceΒ itself.

military style.jpg

Now, let’s talk about the best part the affordability, here all of the 3 products that I have picked ranges around INR 2000, YES! you saw itΒ right just 2K. And I β€˜ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called ‘YVYVLOLO Store‘ don’t worry guys I’ve already checkedΒ the details for you so, you can always thank me later πŸ˜‰ (Just Kidding!)

Thank You So Much for Reading!!!

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