Keeping it Stylish with Studs – Earrings Edition

ACCESSORIES, What do you think of accessories? Well, I think accessories ‘fill in the missing blanks’ i.e. they complete the missing points with the outfit and give life to your look.

Now, accessories have many sub-categories like scarves, bags, jewelry and then further jewelry can be further divided into chains, bracelets etc and in this post, we will be discussing EARRINGS particularly studs. Studs can be defined as a small piece of jewelry that usually fits on the earlobes. Below are some of my personally picked choices of the pack of earrings that consists of 20 pairs of studs in each set, GREAT, isn’t it?


What I like about these sets is the variety of design it has in these earrings I mean, from stone studs to pearl ones and many more cute little patterns like bows, flowers, arrows, colored stones etc. You know what’s even better the cost factor here, the set of 20 pairs of these earrings costs less than INR 300 (it’s true!)Β and I’ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called “YIWU DANZE” and the best part about this store is it’s not just limited to earrings but a ton lot of amazing stuff to choose from so go ahead check it out! πŸ˜‰

Thank You So Much for Reading!!!

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