Preparation of Winters in Style

Keeping Up With Fashion!!!

Hey, folks just 10 days before Halloween so have you decided for the costume ideas yet? If not don’t worry you will figure something out πŸ˜‰ Winter is approaching rather quickly and that means some adding some new clothing items in your wardrobe

In this blog post,Β I will be sharing some of my picks of winter top-wear clothing items that are affordable yet pretty and also in trending fashion.

Outfit #1

My first choice is more like a must-have apparel becauseΒ you need to have at leastΒ one of these coats to shield you against cold winds. This long coat is stuffed with coziness to keep you warm and the horizontal pattern lines give it a formal look making it perfect for meetings.


Outfit #2

Ther can never be a winter season without Hoodies, so here is an ombre style hoody for you. Just a look and I know all the music fans will be digging it and the shades of purple from faded to solid color makes it even more appealing.


Outfit #3

I save the best one for the last πŸ™‚ this is a long cardigan because short ones are a thing of past. And this knitted design is one reason to like it but with the pearl, attachments give it a totally chic look.


So, stay warm in style my friends and for your information, the coat is around INR 1700 and the other two items ranges in the 1000 bucks category which is just amazing, isn’t it?Β And I β€˜ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called ‘Mezone‘ and also goes by the name ZAFUL, you might have even heard of it. πŸ™‚

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