Wrap it up with these SHAWLS

Hello, my friends, as you can see in the heading above today we will be talking about wrapping you or you can say ‘Wrapping you in style’. 😉

So, when you hear the word SHAWL what’s the first thing that comes in terms of quality, let me guess – CASHMERE isn’t it? Because the cashmere shawls are the best ones that you could ever find as they symbolize the richness of fabric and Luxury Lifestyle. In this blog post, I will be sharing picks of this cashmere goodness with you:

Outfit #1

This is a DUAL color tone shawl that can be worn from both of the sides i.e. from the blue as well as the yellow colored side as well. As you can even tell by looking at the picture of the product, this is made from warm material to make sure you feel cozy.


Outfit #2

If you have a BOHO side to your personality this tribal print cashmere shawl is for you. The different colors are mixed in a way that brings this tribal pattern to life so there can be no more boring black & white combination.


Outfit #3

I personally love the check pattern and my wardrobe does have a lot of different checkers in it. But what I love about this piece is that it reminds me of a runway trend that has been in limelight for years if you are a true fashionista, you know what I am talking about.


I usually pick one as my favorite in all my blog posts about outfits but this time I am not able too I JUST LOVE THEM ALL (and this rarely happens to me!). All of these shawls are cashmere and are priced for just 1000 bucks people, isn’t that just crazy. I ‘ve picked all these products from an online store at Aliexpress called ‘LESIDA Official Store‘ as you can also see the name of the brand in the pictures above. I did a background check on reviews, shipping and all so YES! the path is clear. You can just go ahead and shop 🙂

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