My Experience of 100 StarBUCKS coffee!

Hey folks! Enjoying your weekend? Well, me too!

On 28th October Starbucks India decided to treat us on this Halloween season by charging only 100 bucks for a beverage (including short & tall), this any be any drink from their menu, AMAZING right? This is because Starbucks is celebrating 5 years in India and has opened 100 outlets in the span of these 5 years thus, 100 RupeesΒ (INR) price tag for this special occasion.


The best part was this offer was valid on all 100 Starbuck outlets in India, but just for one day. And who would miss this chance, apparently no-one ’cause I spent 4 hours at Starbucks to get my two Frappuccinos. Yes, it’s true but it was an experienceΒ in its own way and I enjoyed it with my sister cracking jokes while waiting in the queue. What I liked about today is that there were a lot of families together who were who waiting for their turn πŸ˜‰

P.s.- Yes, they did spell my name wrong but thank God not my Order πŸ™‚Β 

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