Jeans too good to be TRUE!!!

What’s up everyone, how was your thanksgiving? Let me guess ‘Foodalicious’ 😉 So guys as you know winter is here and so are my several products that I ordered during the last 25 days. At first, my idea was to do a HAUL but I didn’t wish to write a lengthy article that’s too long that it loses its appeal and at last, I have decided to separately write about products with tons of pictures ’cause I know you enjoy those visuals.


Last month, I ordered a pair jeans for my baby sister as one of the presents for her birthday. While surfing the internet, looking for some basic high-waisted jeans I clicked on a link and that lead me to the site of Aliexpress. In the past, I have ordered 2-3 products from Aliexpress but never any clothing items because they look too good to be true. But this time I took a shot and ordered this thing right here and guess what the seller was nice enough to send me this cute little hair tie.


Let’s move on the essential details, shall we? The delivery was done within 2 weeks I mean, I was mentally preparing for a month at least (Phew!). The American Apparel label made me take a second look at those jeans as the quality of the material was damn GOOD.


And that made me think maybe IT IS a genuine American Apparel denim ’cause these big brands are known to make their products in a cheaper country and then do the import & export stuff.


The measurements were up to the point, as you guys can see in the picture my sis’ is rocking those jeans and the seller was so accurate about the size and coordinated throughout the whole process.


I know what you waiting for, the pricing part (DUH!) $13 and if you mention “TANYA” you can get an additional discount of $4 Yayyyyyyy 🙂 here’s the Link and that Red Polka Dot hair tie was the cherry on top.

On a side note, I wanted to let you people know that these pictures are not edited in any form (as you can already tell) just because I was super excited to share this blog post with you all and thought editing might decay it. But I do promise that the upcoming posts will feature the best of my photography till now. 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading….

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