Get Yourself Some MERMAID Sparkle

Hello, again my friends, we just have one month left of the year 2017 So Let’s Make it Memorable With Some Awesome Stuff πŸ˜‰ Agreed? My today’s post will add some glitter to your day, HOW? Just look at these pictures ppl!!!


This is another item from my International Haul if you don’t you what I am talking about Check Out my Previous Blog Post.Β This is a cover for Redmi Note 4 in soft case type meaning it’s not plastic but thick rubber. There’s a reason I prefer Rubber cases over Plastic ones as I tendΒ to drop my phone several times in a day. And Plastic ones mostly crack and may damage your phone but the rubber ones absorb the shocks further protecting your phone as well.


As you guys can see in the above image the case is quite a thick boundary at the back especially around the curves/corners. The pink and the ocean green is giving the Mermaid vibes for sure, making the case even more likable. So, if you are someone who loves glitter or knows someone who is a sparkly person. You should definitely buy it as Christmas Present ’cause it does match the festive spirit πŸ™‚


Redmi phones are covering is the majority of the market so there’s a good chance to know someone who owns Redmi so buy it from this LINKΒ for a whopping price of 200 bucks and trust me the quality is great. Yes, It’s a steal Deal!!!

Thank You So Much For Reading….

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