Are you ‘Adidas Originals PW Human Race NMD’ fan?

From the past two months, I have been getting a lot (trust me!) A LOT of requests from you lovely people to do the more blog posts of FAKE vs REAL series featuring Designer Brands.  So, here I am Giving You What You Want and continuing the series.

Product – Adidas Originals PW Human Race NMD


I personally love the Pharrell X Adidas NMD collection ’cause they are basic solid streetwear style. Let’s start with the back, as you can see in the below image the built structure of the fake ones is taller.

IMG_20171203_204653.jpgIt’s an obvious fact that the quality of the fake product will be low, same happens here the logo details is not as neat and clear as the real ones. Also, the gap between logo and the top lining is more in comparison.


The alignment and placement of the information on the tag give away the hint about the authenticity of the brand.


The footbed of the fake ones is faded to the point that brand logo can hardly be seen whereas in the real ones it’s clear even ‘Pharrell Williams’ is crisp.


And the last point is to check for the stripe, in the real PW pair the line would be translucent instead of solid white in color as shown in the replicas.


That’s it for today folks! Hope this information is useful and you LIKE it. If there’s is a special request for a special product or brand just let me know and I will compare it to the next blog post, until then Peace Out!

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