It’s just another Supreme Hood for you!

Hello to all Fashionistas, I am back with another Fake VS Real blog post for you guys and this time it’s a much-requested brand SUPREME. C’mon now let’s spot the difference in the pictures 😉

Product – Supreme [BOGO] Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

IMG_20171211_210452.jpgThe tag of the fake hoodie does not have ‘Made in Canada’ written on its tag.

IMG_20171211_210511.jpgAs you can see in the images, the font of the text ‘MADE IN CANADA’ is different and also the quality is really poor.

IMG_20171211_210532.jpgThe is how the inside of the BOGO looks like, a lot of connecting stitches are visible with loose threads whereas no such thing is noticed in the Real Supreme.

IMG_20171211_210552.jpgFront of the Supreme Box Logo on both products looks identical but looking closely you will notice the width difference in the characters i.e. no symmetry is followed.


P.S. – Do let me know if you like these kinds of posts or not or if you are someone who is into BEAUTY stuff then you should totally check out this LINK. 🙂 


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