Quick, Name a Disney Princess & see their inspired Rings!

Hey folks, today we will be talking about Disney Princesses and as it’s Wedding Season here in India so let’s talk about Engagement Rings too… WAIT A MINUTE! Let’s then talk about Disney Princess themed Engagement Rings 😉

While suffering through the Internet last night, I came across these Magical Rings and thought of sharing them with you guys. 🙂 Read on and check out these amazingly Gorgeous Rings and do comment your favorite one or more.




Cinderella is one of the first Disney princesses that was introduced back in the day. This Blue Topaz is giving us the flashback of her Sparkly Blue Gown that she wore at the Midnight Ball. At midnight, she leaves the Prince in mystery with her famous Glass Slipper and flees away in her carriage before it turns to pumpkin.

Snow White



Being a classic Disney Princess, who doesn’t remember Snow White? The girl who ate a delicious-looking RED apple. One look at the ring and you know it is themed on her with that bloody Ruby right in the center.





Disney Princess Mulan, a true warrior won hundreds and thousands of hearts by her bravery. As you can see in the picture, this ring is inspired by the well-known Chinese Architecture.





The Disney Princess Pocahontas taught us to be never ashed of our roots and to treat nature with respect. A true legend with a humble heart who ended the war and made people believe in Peace and Unity just like a bright Solitaire.





The Disney Princess who created the entire Frozen Kingdom for herself out of snow. Of course her themed engagement ring will be shaped like a pretty Snowflake, I mean obviously.



So, which Disney Princess-Engagement Ring will you pick for yourself? I was just asking because you can ACTUALLY buy them online (Crazy, isn’t it?). Here’s the LINK for you fam, enjoy!!!

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