The Name’s Ferragamo…Salvatore Ferragamo *Belt Edition*

Yo People! Have you guys completed all your Christmas shopping ’cause I sure haven’t? But we still have 10 days to worry about that, right! Today, let’s do a Fake VS Real edition of the Classic Ferragamo Belt. (one of the famous Brand especially for Belts)

Product – Salvatore Ferragamo Belt for Men


Starting straight from the packaging, the size difference is quite noticeable and the color is redder on the real one.


The Dustbag comparison is easy to spot as the size of the fake one is small in comparison with the real one. Also, the color and the cloth material is on an entirely separate level.


An up-close shot of the Brand name’s on the Dustbag, the print of the genuine bag will be always sharp and more defined.


Let’s have a look at the Bucke now, the ‘Ferragamo’ tends to be more sleek and fine as well as thinner. The quality always gives away the authenticity of a brand’s product.


From behind, as you can see in the image…the difference is easily noticeable.


This is the end of the belt, obviously (wink!), the fake one does not have the stitching throughout the boundary.

p.s. – Want to read about some BEAUTY news from all around the world???


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