Do you want a Rolly too?

I just wanna Rolly Rolly Rolly…like so bad! I bet you want some ICE on your wrist, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just a day until Christmas, how is your holiday season going on fam? Here I am with another edition of Fake VS Real edition and this time it features the Brand which a lot of you have been waiting for – ROLEX.


As you can see that the shine on the polished links of the Authentic Rolex is superior in comparison with the other one. And the “Yachtmaster” written on the dial varies in font style and color.


The little grooves around the edges of the bezel are much more pronounced on the real Rolex Yachtmaster.


On the genuine Rolex, the Logo area is fully polished as well as the Logo is clear and pronounced. Whereas, on the fake one you will notice gaps that are easily visible to spot the difference.


P.S. – You can COMMENT down below the brand you want to see in the next Fake VS Real Edition.ย 

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