OMG! I’m officially in Love with KITH x Nike LeBron XV Sneakers

One look that’s all it needs just ONE LOOK at you will fall in love with these ROYAL sneakers. You gotta admit with all those same shoes on your Instagram Feed, it get’s boring. And this collection right here is the CHANGE that was needed and will be released on 30th of December 2017.

The kicks (I’m crushing on them so hard!) will release in two colorways, a multicolored “Stained Glass” version and a black/grey “Concrete” joint. Both will retail for $230 USD. And the Kith x Nike LeBron Performance XV “Rose Gold” will retail for $200.


When looking at pictures of these awesome shoes you would have noticed the two distinct iterations of the shoes. These have been created as 1) the Lifestyle features a revised Flyknit upper with a strap system that can be dressed in three distinct way, whereas the other one 2) performance version features a longitudinal zipper that begins at the toe and ends at the apex of the ankle.

The most important detail is that the Kith x Nike LeBron XV “Long Live the King” Collection will be available exclusively at Kith shops and So now you were you can find ’em sneakers if you are ordering yourself a pair of these maybe you can order one for me too. 😉 (Kidding ppl or maybe not…)


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