Jewellery Haul in INSTA-way!

Hello there Fashionistas, today I have something fashion-related to show and review. As you would have already guessed by now, it’s a HAUL…a Jewellery haul (to be exact!). Let’s just get started and see what stuff did I got just so you know there are 4 different jewelry items. Also, if you like this kind of blog posts then StuffToTalk is the right place for you. πŸ˜‰

Product #1

The first item that I have is a pair of earrings, these dangle earrings cost $3.25 a.k.a. INR 214. I chose them because of the fluff ball at the end, these were available in various colors. This is the pair that will go perfectly for evening functions and formal events.


Product #2

Pricing just $0.89 a.k.a. INR 60 (approx) this choker was one of the products that were on my wishlist. The colors look so good and complement each other just perfectly. What I like the most is the quality as it does not hurt the neck and is very comfortable to wear.


Product #3

This third product is a layered necklace or more like a chain. I selected it in the golden color as the accessories seemed to be more defined on it. This piece costs $1.26 a.k.a. INR 84 and that my friend is a steal deal as it goes with your everyday casual outfit.


Product #4

The last item is again a choker as I am obsessed with CHOKERS and this is priced at just $2.75 a.k.a. INR 181. The best part is the adjustment chain as it can convert it into a tight choker to a loose chain. As you can see in the image below the STARS are not thin sheets they are quite solid and thick. Needless to mention it’s a MUST have accessory for everyone especially those who FOLLOW trends.


These are the four products that I got and these are from an Aliexpress store ‘Jewdy Official Store’ here’s the LINKΒ Β (check it out!). They have more than 400 products to choose from including tons of accessories at affordable rates.

I can vouch for the quality of these products which is great and also the shipping is not that long I mean it’s more like 2 weeks. And that’s acceptable in my case and hopefully to many others too. With that said all I want to say is that this store is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED because of the price and quality. I will surely beΒ ordering more stuff from this store.

Thank You So Much For Reading!!!

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