Supreme T-shirt VS Supreme T-shirt

Hello to all people who love HIGH-END brands so damn much that they go in depth to know about the originality of the items. This includes comparing the details of the real luxury product to the fake ones. Previously, I have compared designer brands like Gucci, Prada, LV in my Fake VS Real editions. And today we will be comparing an apparel item from the well-known high-end brand SUPREME.

Product Info


As you can see in the above image both the clothing items are kept side by side. These items are Supreme Graphic T-shirts in the color green and black. The Green Tee is the original Supreme product and the black t-shirt is a replica. Now it’s time to look into the detailing of these two products.


The tag is one of those parts from where you can point out the basic differences. As in this one, the Tag placement is not centered and the logo red shade is not matching with the original red shade. Remember high-end brands makes sure that tags are proper and bold as they present the genuine product.


The threads are poking out on the fake Supreme t-shirt and the font color varies too. The most visible difference is the missing ‘RN#101837’ part in the black tee. It’s all about the quality when it comes to branded products.


The other major hint that giveaway the difference is the graphic image itself. Looking at the above image one can easily tell that which one is nicer in quality and looks. The faded colors of the fake apparel items are hard to miss out.

I hope this blog post somewhat helps you in future if you are having trouble in identifyingΒ the original brand. I regularly post FAKE vs REAL articles featuring various Designer Brands so stay tuned and hit that FOLLOW button.

Thank You So Much For Reading!!!

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