Rihanna X Puma Fenty FUR slides [Haul Item #2]

Hello there Fashionista! Hope you all are having a FABULOUS time during this romantic as hell time of the year. I promised you guys to share my HUGE haul of products that are LUXURIOUS & Affordable at the same time. One of the detailed product reviews has already been posted last month by me that was Mini Louis Vuitton Backpack. And today it’s FENTY that we are talking about. 😉

Product Info


So, this is how the slides were packed..the item was secure and there was no sign tear or anything. These fur slides are second product from my Club Factory Haul and there are many more products to come next. Fenty is the brand established by the Singer and Songwriter RIHANNA. These fur babies are from the range that was a result from the Fenty X Puma collaboration. I have been wanted them since the day they were revealed in the teaser collab advertisement.


But in India, they were quite hard to find so I thought I need to find a dupe for these high-end slides and I FOUND IT! Over the internet, it’s not hard to find fur slides but it is HARD to find the ones with branding written over it. So when I saw these Fenty beauties the next thing I know is they were in my kart in the size 7(UK).


(If you want me to go in-depth with what exactly CLUB FACTORY is? Just leave a comment and I will provide everything you need to know.) Although, I am pretty sure you guys would already know that…Check out these images and let me know of my Photography Skills. Just Kidding Fam, I ordered the pair in color Grey the other options were Pink, Black, Blue, Purple, and Red.


After placing the order I wanted to check the color options again, you know just to be sure. You know what I saw OUT OF STOCK displaying over these furry babies and I was like damn that was close. I could have missed them but I didn’t and the quality is so GREAT. To me, it seems like I ordered a genuine Fenty product minus the brand box. But who needs a box anyway, according to me it’s a Highly Recommended product.

P.s. – EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE ONE OF THESE FUR SLIDES (At least in one color!). Will I buy it again Hell Yeah I will for sure and it just cost me $14(USD). 


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