Get ’em Valentino Sneakers!

Ola Guys! Hope you had an AMAZING Valentine’s week or in my case day but nevermind fam. Let’s talk about something Designer, you know the stuff showcased my celebrities and all. Don’t worry I am here to guide you through the genuine high-end products by comparing both real and fake product in the images below. Today, we will be doing a Fake VS Real edition of a brand that hasn’t been compared to me before – ‘Valentino’.

Product Info


Let’s begin the process now, the above image shows the real Valentino sneaker with the fake one. Can you spot the differences between these two kicks? If not, then let me help you! These sneakers are the 11. Rockstud Untitled from the Luxury brand Valentino Garavani…


In the side the there are many points to notice – the size, alignment, and coloring of the pair of shoes. The fake one’s studs are more of a yellow gold than the original sneaker. Look at the bottom curve of the shoes you will notice a slight curve in the real brand sneaker.


Here, the main giveaway will be the label of the brand’s name in the middle section. There are differences in font, size, and quality of the 11. ROCKSTUD UNTITLED, this should not be faded as this represents the range of the sneakers.


The sizing of both of the shoes varies i.e. that fake sneaker is not as broad as the real one from the behind. And the studs alignment is not correct as they are smaller in size and have much more space between them.


This is one of the most obvious sign you can use to identify the genuine Valentino pair of shoes. What do you think?


This is the packaging with the extras like the dustbag, cards etc. The real sneakers come with a spare set of laces and the fake will not have any spares. Also, the Valentino label on the lower side is the proof of the real sneakers by the designer brand Valentino.

This is it, folks, I hope these Real VS Fake articles can come handy to you all. For more article like these click that LIKE & Subscribe button. 


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