A tribute to Blur Store…

Hey Style Divas! Today’s post is different and SPECIAL, which is about a brand that I have admired for years. The brand that I am referring to is Blur Store, in case you haven’t heard about…u GOOD? Meaning, I would describe this brand as an ICONIC one – a name that played a major contribution in bringing AESTHETICS in the Fashion Industry.


It all started at in the year 2011, when BLUR was introduced as an online platform with the promise of delivering Fashion Accessories all over the country.




Blur Store is a one WOman show that is run by Shruti Bheda who founded Blur on her own. YES, that’s true! When asked Shruti – How the journey of Blur Store started? She stated that it was one of those times when you are taking a break from your regular job routine when the IDEA struck. Due to a leg fracture, Shruti was on bed rest for few months and that time the motivation to create a shopping portal like Blur.


Throughout this article, you guys will be seeing a lot of artistic pictures of models flaunting EDGY and stunning statement pieces. That is exactly what BLUR is about a deadly-combination when ART meets metal.

Special Announcement:-

This is the LAST week of Blur Store, unfortunately, they are closing it down because Shurti has a lot more to conquer and wants to connect to our natural elements i.e., to be GREENER on the inside. But that’s not the end of this announcement…a SUPER deal has been going on this last week of the brand where all items [I Repeat] ALL PRODUCTS are being sold at the price of just 300 bucks or below.


Amazing, isn’t it? I personally have ordered 8 items till now and I think more will be placed by me. 😉 I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to check out their website – LINK. From earring to rings to shoes, you name they have it. The stocks are selling out quick so what are you waiting for and don’t forget to have a look at their Look Book too (it’s LIT!).

Thank You So Much For Reading!!!

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