Have a look at Dolce and Gabbana’s Runway Show Models – The DRONES

That’s right fellas! Dolce & Gabanna did use flying Drones as Models.
Hello, my little fashion icons, hope everything is FABULOUS (if not) it will be soon…And YES, the world-renowned Designer Brand D&G did use drones to walk I mean fly down the runway in their latest runway show. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, check out the pictures and be amazed.
Even people are making memes over this whole situation like the Dolce & Gabbana are SO OVER the models, you know. Instagram and Twitter are spreading them like wildfire, my whole feed is full of drones strutting their stuff on the fashion show.
By the way, what’s your favorite Designer brand just COMMENT down below and don’t forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button as well. A couple of drones flew down the runway, each carrying a leather and jewel-encrusted high-end handbag from the brand’s latest Fall Winter 2018/19 collection. Once the drones were done, then human models returned to show off D&G’s apparel, proving that perhaps humans aren’t obsolete after all I mean not that easily. 😉

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