I bet you didn’t know some of these WTH Facts

Nowadays it’s becoming harder to distinguish between what’s good for your HEALTH and what’s not. Here are some of the FACTS that can help you in knowing more about your HABITS and yourself.

A sound sleep can make you HAPPY more than money could make you.

SUGAR can be as bad as cigarettesΒ if taken in excess quantity.

Chewing GUM improves your BRAIN power i.e. concentration while boosting memory.

Coffee has been proved to ward off DEPRESSION.


The ATMs and Cash Machines have the same amount of germs as a toilet seat.

Less than 1% of bacteria are responsible for causing disease.

Stretching before physical activities may lower your endurance.

Females have a higher PAIN tolerance than the males.

That’s it for today folks! See ya next time with some more interesting facts that you are not aware of. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBEΒ and if you have any specific idea COMMENT down below or just hit that LIKE button for me. πŸ™‚


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