Tasty Health Snacks by Gourmet Medleys

Hey there Guys, how’s your weekend going? Today, I will be talking about something that has become a luxury to have in our lives. That means I will be talking about the whole ‘Health’ topic because in our modern day schedule all we focus is on fashion, beauty, and other stuff.

So, here I am introducing you guys to a solution that will help in achieving a healthier self. A few days back, I received a few products from the brand Gourmet Medleys and this is there Instagram – LINK. At Gourmet Medleys, you can get health snacks that are natural, nutritious, unadulterated, and baked…all this at pocket-friendly prices.

Now, let’s get straight to the main part, shall we? I have received 5 products from Gourmet Medleys and I will be providing details about every single one of them below: 

Husked Green Gram Crackers Baked-Cumin

100gm for INR 95 only


Wheat Crisps Baked – Beet and Carrot

100gm for INR 90 only



Husked Green Gram Crackers Baked – Chilli

100gm for INR 95 only


Flaxseed Cookies

250gm for INR 285 only






Husked Green Gram Crackers Baked – Oregano & Basil

100gm for INR 95 only



Looks so amazing and delicious, right? Why give your friends and family unhealthy items when you can give them these super healthy snacks at an affordable price. So order them now from QTROVE, FOODSTREE, and SALEBHAI to get your hands on these awesome snacks.

Do I recommend them? YES, I do!

P.s. – As these are health and nutrition snacks kindly do not compare their taste to other artificially sweetened snacks in the market.



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