From Nerd to Diva: Celebrity Edition ft. Lele Pons

Everyone has heard the story of Cinderella, one of the original Disney Princesses that gets turned into a beautiful girl who is draped in silk ballgown and precious diamonds around her neck but all of this is done with the help of a Fairy God Mother.


Moving on to the 21st century, the same awe-inspiring Social Media Influencers are ruling the game. Today, let’s talk about Lele Pons, one of the biggest Influencers and personally my favorite.


There’s no stopping her now! Started on Vine a few years back, Lele rather quickly became one of the Top Viners by her comedy skits. After her whole transformation, Lele has even walked the runways for well-known brands and has been also featuring in musics= videos that end up getting hundreds of millions of views on youtube. For example – Camila Cabello’s Havana music video.


Yes, in the past have also attracted some controversy but it is minor to the mess that Logan Paul has created in 2018. 😉 The above image is the seed that sparked the whole drama but now its all water under the bridge.


Yes, this Barbie sure does have a Ken and that my friend is Juanpa Zurita. Yup, that’s right, another various youtube celebrity. Well, if you look at their pictures who would ship them hard I like do too.

Hope you like this edition of Celebrity Dairies please COMMENT down below your choices if there is a specific celebrity you want an article on. 

Thank You So Much For Reading Fam!!!



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