Now that’s some Kadak #SLAP Popcorn!


What’s Up ppl! Today I have something KADAK for you guys and I know many of my readers would not know what Kadak actually means. Basically, for us Indians, the word ‘Kadak’ means strong…solid…and something that’s super (in a positive way of course!). And in this blog post, I will be sharing some Kickass snacks with you my dear readers. 😉

Yesterday, I received few snacks from a brand called Kadak Slap, this is their Instagram account and have a look at the variety of snacks they offer. Also, as you guys know I am working on my photography skills so I ended up clicking a lot and I mean a TON of pictures for this article.


Here are the FOUR samples of Popcorn that I received from Kadak Snacks and my thoughts on them:



Teekha Peri Peri Popcorn

*Important Notice – This flavor has the spice Level 2 out of the 3.* Yes, this flavor is spicy I mean what else would you expect from the Peri variant. But I have to admit this was my FAVORITE popcorn flavor among the four. I liked it so damn much that within a couple of seconds this 5 bucks packet was gone. I think this is one of those flavors that everyone likes, the one snack no ones says NO to.




Classic Butter Popcorn

Hey! Its Bella…it was great seeing you last night. We should do that again, but next time I ‘ll show you my galaxy. P.s – Bring me some #SLAP Popcorn! #XOXO. Wait! No, I am not going crazy but these two above lines are from this popcorn packet. That’s really creative as a brand to give a smart and catchy one-liner for every snack flavor. I honestly LOVE and admire it also this butter flavor is perfect to make your Movie Dates delicious.




Classic Cheese Popcorn

A BIG shout out to all the CHEESE lovers out there, I just found the perfect snack for you guys to munch on! If you are a cheesy person, you need to have these cheesy popcorns to match your personality. The moment I opened this flavor packet my nostrils were in Cheese-Alert mode. The whole cheesy AROMA makes your mouth waters and this is why I recommend this Kadak cheesy popcorns #SLAP.




Super Teekha Popcorn

*Warning – This flavor is LEVEL 3 Super-Duper SPICY* Hell Yeah! This flavor right here can fire up your whole existence with just one packet. At the same time, it is so yummy that you can stop yourself from eating it. So basically you are trying tears of JOY while eating these #SLAP spicy popcorns. Trust me when I say this but ONE tiny popcorn of this flavor is enough to spice up your life (For Real!). I highly recommend it to all those BRAVE people to are in love with spicy food…this is your shot baby try these HOT snacks.


These are my thoughts and experience with these 4 flavors that I received, in total, KADAK snacks currently have 8 flavors of popcorns available. So, if you guys want me to try those remaining FOUR popcorn flavors as well just drop an email or COMMENT down below and I will do it for you. 🙂


All over it was a Thumbs-Up Experience for me!

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Thank You So Much For Reading!!!

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