High-end Handbags from Aliexpress PART 1


Ayo Fellas, How’s it going! I am back again with few interesting things for you guys and YASSS it is related to shopping. So, basically, today what I have for you is something that is High-End Luxury stuff but with a price tag that’s SUPER affordable. Last month I decided to order Handbags from the widely FAMOUS Aliexpress online shopping website.


So, I took a leap of faith and decided to look in-depth as well as in details of hundreds of bags from simple to fancy to small to big. After searching for quite some time I found a great seller who had the biggest collection of Handbags that were TRENDY and pocket-friendly too. The seller shop is – Renduan Store and StuffToTalk by CheekyDimplesBlog decided to collaborate with this seller and placed an order for TWO handbags.


As you can see in the title this is a Part 1 that means in this blog post I will be talking about ONE handbag only but in DETAIL. This article contains a lot of pictures for you all to see each and everything about this particular handbag. Let’s start then, shall we?


Product Info

Basically out if the two handbags that I got, this one is a VINTAGE looking Handbag. Below are the pictures from every angle I could possibly think of and I have also tried to be as precise as I can be.


By looking at the pictures you guys will be able to see the layering that this PRETTY bag comes in. Yes, the packaging of this handbag is extremely secure and nice and it took around 18-20 days for the bags to reach me.


Inside of the bag was a small pillow kinda airbag to maintain the actual shape of this handbag. Actually, this was exactly what I was fearing about as I didn’t want the bag to be crushed in this long journey.


The detailing is what I like the most about this Green-cauterized vintageย bag and guess what would be the price of this CLASSIC piece of ART. Just $12, yes folks exactly you can get this beauty at the price of 12 bucks and if convertedย in INR it will be less than INR 900.


And to find such a GREAT handbag at this price is a REAL deal that one can not let go. Go on check out this AWESOME Handbag – HERE at the store.ย  The already great handbag comes with not just ONE but TWO straps that are army green leather to match the handbag.


So, you can even wear it as a sling bag for a day activity or try the short strap for night outs. Did you folks note that are the side of this beautiful handbag is covered in leather. This is like a perfect trending twist to the looks of the bag to make it a modern wear.



This handbag only has one compartment but it is a BIG one with a side zip pocket on the inside. I think this is a great thing for those who like to put everything at one place in their bags like ME and every other girl! ๐Ÿ˜‰


I give this handbag a 5 STARS for such a great and high-qualityย material as well as packaging. The Seller was very considerate in sending free gifts for every buyer and that my friend is a huge respectable gesture. And the vanilla sachet inside the bag makes sure that it doesn’t smell weird even after being packed for so long.



This is the Seller’s Store so have a look at some of the best Handbags at affordable prices and this is the LINK to this Vintage Handbag.

P.s. – If you LIKE this Handbag that I am sure you will fall in LOVE with the another Handbag…Part 2. Hint – These both bags are quite opposite of each other in terms of looks. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

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