Getting Summer Ready with ROMWE’s Fashionable Clothing


Well Hello, my dear ones! First of all, I want to know how is weekend going on like What did you binge watch on Netflix or Did you go on a lovely Summer Date? Well, I did actually have quite a productive Saturday and let me prepare you by saying that something BIG is coming up so STAY TUNED. Now, let’s talk about fashion, shopping, and clothes…as you can see in the title as well.


Today I will be sharing My FIRST ever Experience of ordering from ROMWE, yep I know what you are thinking ‘Has she never ordered from Romwe, how she this even possible?’. Actually, the thing is I wanted to try Romwe for so long but recently I have been occupied with Online Shopping Hauls from brands like Club Factory and Aliexpress.


So when the opportunity of Collaborating with ROMWE came to me, I just grabbed it and decided to try one of the clothing items that everyone needs to have in the summer season. Also, I know how much you guys like my Photography skills so I have included quite a few pictures of the product that I have received to show you the details.


I will start by telling you that ROMWE is a HUGE international Online Shopping Site where you can find clothes, accessories and so much more at a very reasonable price. Now, there have been some speculations that another Apparel giant SHEIN and Romwe are one big huge company but can be said for sure. I received my order within 48 hours i.e. 2 days and I am not kidding that’s like SUPER fast. The packaging was decent and intact as you can see in the image itself.


The interesting part was that there was a card then mentioned to Register on SheIN and get a $3 discount. This is a short shorts which is extremely high waist and I ordered it in the size M that was the PERFECT fit (BTW my waist size is 28!).


This is a closer look at the above portion of these BLACK high-waisted shorts. And the pockets are of medium size neither too deep nor too small.


This is a closer look at the lower part of these Black RIPPED shorts and I will say that the rips are messy and are intact in their place not shabby.


And this is HOW they look when worn so the model in the above picture is my younger sister and we have the same waist size so I made her try these for the photography project as you can see. 😉

My thoughts on this product are that I quite LIKED it and these shorts fitted perfectly. The material of these high-waisted shorts was good and stretchable up to some extent. And in summers you NEED to have a high-waisted shorts in a solid basic color like Black (in my case).


I do Highly Recommend buying these shorts or such ripped shorts that are affordable and are super TRENDY as well as stylish because these are mostly owned by all celebrities and big models.

Romwe Website –

Romwe Aliexpress Store –

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.S. – Also, just let me know if you guys want me to REVIEW more clothes or accessories from ROMWE’s store.


  1. […] Hey there fashionistas! This post is a little bit different than my previous blog posts on clothing items as I will be showing you how to style TWO pieces of clothing. These two pieces of clothing include a pair of short ‘Shorts’ and a fitted crop top…basically a set. This set of top and shorts was delivered to me by the well-known clothing brand ROMWE, the sister company of SHEIN. Previously, I also did another clothing collab article with Romwe featured their High Waist Black Ripped Shorts – HERE. […]


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