Celebrity-Inspired Vintage Style Sunglasses on a Budget [Oval Shaped Flat Lens Sunglasses]


Yo folks! What’s Poppin’? So, as you can already see and feel also SUMMER is blasting heat waves at us right now, like really. That’s why I thought let’s talk about something that is a MUST-have summer accessory – SUNGLASSES…And no, I am not writing about just a simple boring sunglass but I will be showing you the sunglasses that your favorite celebrities have worn.

C’mon fellas, let’s start this blog post, shall we? This article features the Vintage Style Red Lens Sunglasses that have been worn by famous singer Selena Gomez, top model Sophia Richie, and many other famous celebrities (I have also included their images below). πŸ˜‰

Product Info

Looking at the packaging I was scared about how the sunglasses will turn out and that’s why I was kinda nervous. But somehow a miracle took place and there was not even a SINGLE scratch on these shades, I mean sunglasses.

Here are some of the closeup shots of these RETRO-frame sunglasses that I tried to click. Also, can we have a moment of silence for my PhotographyΒ skills? Chillax dude, I am still working on how to use a camera sooo.

The color is bright RED and that makes me like it, actually LOVE it. As you can see the above images of celebrities where Selena is wearing a pair that is a bit oval and Sophia is wearing a pair which is highly edged. And then there is the one that I choose to buy.


Aren’t these shades just gorgeous, I mean look at the shape and the fine quality of these sunglasses. Yes, I know you are wondering about the girl that is modeling these sunglasses pair for you guys – she is my younger sister.

The frame is gold and goes just fine with the shape of the lens and makes a great pair of vintage styled glasses. Yes,Β this blog post is in collaboration with a great online store at Aliexpress and the Seller’s Store is – “STORE “and the price of these SUPER cool sunglasses is just $3 (with FREE shipping πŸ™‚ )and that my friend is a GREAT deal that you can’t miss.

I personally Highly Recommend this seller and the products that they are offering in their store as they are very affordable, nice quality and also shipping is very fast (I received these sunglasses in 1-2 weeks). Thumbs Up!


If you want a little bit of more discount of these sunglasses just inform that seller that “StuffToTalk” is your code.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – I have ordered TWO more sunglasses that are of different styles than this one so you better STAY TUNED for more of my Sunglasses Photography. πŸ™‚

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