3 ALL-Black Summer Outfit Ideas Ft. ROMWE


Hey there fashionistas! This post is a little bit different than my previous blog posts on clothing items as I will be showing you how to style TWO pieces of clothing. These two pieces of clothing include a pair of short ‘Shorts’ and a fitted crop top…basically a set. This set of top and shorts was delivered to me by the well-known clothing brand ROMWE, the sister company of SHEIN. Previously, I also did another clothing collab article with Romwe featured their High Waist Black Ripped Shorts – HERE.


Let me explain you a little bit about this article, the three styles I have curated are inspired by the theme of wearing something ‘CASUAL’ in summers. Also, I have chosen all BLACK clothing items because I wanted to match them with Romwe’s set. I will be starting by posting the CLOSEUP pictures of the set that I received because I want to let you guys see the quality as well. Also, the model in the pictures is my younger sister and I am the one whose clicking the pictures so feel FREE to judge my photography skills. ๐Ÿ˜‰



This is the fitted CROP-TOP I was talking about from the Romwe set and it says, ‘Take Me To Paradise’…isn’t it a fitting Motto for this sweaty season? The reason I selected this set was because I wanted something that would look cool for the summers and that is VERSATILE. (Basically, that can be worn with a little mix and match!)


As you can see the back of this crop top is high from the back. This top fitted perfectly to my sister and the size of this crop top is Medium i.e. M. The quality of the material used in this apparel is really good and soft just like the last time from the denim shorts.


The Style 1 is the introduction Picture of this blog and that is the complete set. Here is the SECOND look of the crop top styled with a black pair of pants and an acid-wash blue denim jacket to add some spunk.


These are the shorts that were included in the set, which are SUPER soft and fits like a glove. I would say these are pretty high-waisted and look similar to athletic shorts.


Can you see the almost slight variation of length in the bottom of these shorts? This is the reason that these right-waisted shorts fit so perfectly on the BOOTY.


In the FINAL look, I decided to throw in a SOLID colored plain black Tee with a side knot to go with Romwe Shorts. Now, coming to the shipping duration actually, I receivedย this set within a week and the delivery was smooth and the package was in good shape.

So, according to me, this is one of those sets that EVERYONEย needs to have one or even two in their closet. Because they are very comfy, really CUTE and super affordable, sets like these are available in various styles and ranges from $10 to $20. I think that’s a great DEAL that should not be missed, as a fashion blogger myself I HIGHLY recommendย it.

Romwe Website โ€“ย https://www.romwe.com/

Romwe Aliexpress Store โ€“ย http://s.aliexpress.com/z6naM3Y7?

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.S. โ€“ Also, just let me know if you guys want me to REVIEW some more clothes or accessories from ROMWEโ€™s store. ๐Ÿ™‚ (You can get $1 discount on your every purchase if you use the code ‘thatspexcygirl’).


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