Affordable Holographic Handbag from Aliexpress [PART 2]


Hello friends! What is up with you guys! And YES I am finally posting the part TWO of my High-End Handbags Haul from Aliexpress. If by any chance you have not read the PART one of this haul then check it out – HERE. The previous bag was like super awesome and I was completely smitten by the quality of the bag. Now, its time to see if the second handbag can fulfill those expectations or exceed them.


The last Handbag that I reviewed was a Vintage style medium-sized handbag that can be converted into a sling bag. But this bag right here is just the opposite in terms of style and trend to the other one. This bag is also from the same seller’s shop –  Renduan Store and as informed previously this is also a collaboration. This store can be found on Aliexpress and they have hundreds of amazing bags to choose from.


I think it is fair to warn you folks that I went a little overboard (AGAIN) by clicking pictures of this handbag. But what can I do I really want you guys to see each and every angle of this GORGEOUS bag? Enough of the talking already, let’s start with this Part 2 blog post on Handbags from Aliexpress, shall we!



First thing first the packaging is same as the other handbag and by that, I mean really secure and shipped with great care. The seller also included the same two FREE gifts just like the previous one i.e. a CUTE little hair tie and a bracelet.


The shipping service was good and fast in comparison to the other stores which I really like and appreciate so roughly these bags took around 18-20 days to reach at my address.


This bag also comes with a transparent air pillow stuffed inside it to make sure that the shape of the handbag is not compromised during the shipping. I have seen my websites and brands not using these airbags but they should, to maintain the shape of the bags.


The bag also does have a small strap at the top for someone who favors using this handbag more elegantly like with a dress.


The detailing is to the point and seems HIGH quality even the metal used is sturdy and not just some plastic that is painted gold.


The LOCK part is one of the most interesting parts of this bag other than of course of the HOLO-effect that it is creating.


This is the side view of the bag and is nicely stitched from every corner and nothing is left messy here.


The bottom of this handbag is plain and again here you are again to closely see the stitches.


Now, let’s talk some talk the showstopper pieces that is the long heavy GLOD chain that is meant for the sling. I freaking LOVED this chain because it just made the bag look extremely modern and edgy.


Here is a closer look at the buckle of the lock of the bag.


This is my attempt to show you all the inside of the bag, it is very spacious and there are no separate compartments but just one.


You can use the long-styled chain for the bag OR…


You can even make it shorter as per your taste by the way I prefer the shorter one because then the chain becomes bulkier.

I would have to give this handbag a 5 STARS for such a great and high-quality material as well as packaging. The Seller was very considerate in sending free gifts for every buyer and that my friend is a huge respectable gesture. And the vanilla sachet inside the bag makes sure that it doesn’t smell weird even after being packed for so long.

This is the Seller’s Store so have a look at some of the best Handbags at affordable prices and this is the LINK to this amazing Holographic Handbag and for only $12.50.

P.s. – Do let me know if you want me to try MORE Handbag styles and I will do it. 😉

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