WHY do I keep buying SHORTS from ROMWE?


YASSS! You heard it right, I mean read it absolutely right…

Yup, another pair of shorts from one of the largest online shopping websites ‘ROMWE’ but before Y’all go all GAGA over me. Let me clarify this one is completely different from the previous shorts that I got from Romwe’s site. If you don’t know what I am talking about then feel free to check it out – HERE.


Because you guys love my blog posts on Romwe clothes and its products reviews, I have again collaborated with Romwe for this blog post. So, c’mon babies let’s have a look at this new pair of shorts from Romwe:


I haven’t included the packing that these denim shorts came in because the package was same as the previous ones which were secure and well-packed!




This time I chose the denim shorts in the color BLUE because my past TWO shorts from Romwe were in the color black so I thought this time I should choose another color like this one. πŸ˜‰



I got them in the size M and again these little cuties fit like glove also my waist size is 28. As you can see in the pictures above this shorts are in the style high-waisted and ripped denim.


One of the interesting parts was that there was a card then mentioned to Register on SheIN and get a $3 discount. Also, the model in this blog post is my younger sister and to see some of the amazing pictures her Instagram is – @thatspecxygirl


The quality of the fabric is really good and it isn’t like super stretchy but the right amount of stretchable. To me, these shorts stand out because of these gorgeous stripes at both the sides of this denim.


My thoughts on these pair of shorts are that kinda loved it and these shorts fit perfectly as well. But I think after THREE pairs of short shorts maybe it’s time to switch things a little bit and try out other apparel on Romwe. Don’t you think so too? πŸ™‚


I do for sureΒ Highly RecommendΒ buying these shorts or such ripped shorts that are affordable and are super TRENDY as well as stylish because these are mostly owned by all celebrities and big models.

Romwe Website – https://www.romwe.com/

Romwe Aliexpress Store – http://s.aliexpress.com/z6naM3Y7?

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.S. – Also, just let me know if you guys want me to REVIEW more clothes or accessories from ROMWE’s store.

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