9 Weird AF Sunglasses that you Need to see Right Now

Welcome back to StuffToTalk!

Today’s post is SUPER special and really weird one…to be honest, we don’t think that you would have ever seen any of these below displayed sunglasses.

This is the list of Unusual Sunglasses of 2018 that showcase a large variety of styles from different fashion worlds including USA, France, Asia and many more.

Here you will find 9 Sunglasses Styles that will surely leave a First Impression on you:

*Disclaimer: The sunglasses names mentioned are created by the team of StuffToTalk just to add a little bit of sense of humour.*

Style #1 – The Big Bow


Looking at these sunglasses one can assure that they are perfect representation of Lady Gaga’s 2010 phase. Huge glossy bow-shaped style that is enough to rock-out any boring runway look.

Style #2 – Fly Away Butterfly


These bold red studded sunglasses seems to be bigger than some of our dreams. But what we LOVE the most, is the vintage beauty that is showing us who really is the BOSS here.

Style #3 – Get Some Edge


Now this is the pair that you need to wear whenever someone says ‘You Need To Get Some Edge, You Know!’ to you. We hope that this pair of sunglasses will serve them the edge that they are looking for (Wink!).

Style #4 – Retro Silver Eyes


This is what happens when you combine the retro vibes with a techno twist! Thus, a modern piece of art is formed…

Style #5 – Vintage Sharpie


To be very honest, this pair of sunglasses is way similar to the ones that celebrities and models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are currently flaunting on their Instagram pages.

Style #6 – EDM Glamour


With a fusion of bright neon colours this style of sunglasses will easily go with your EDM concert outfit or even a Coachella one. On second note, you can even use it as a Room Decor piece!

Style #7 – The 3rd Eye


Now, that’s a pair of sunglasses that is a great fit for those who hold interest in the Extra Terrestrial beings a.k.a. E.T.

Style #8 – Bling over the Top


The sunglasses alone has a ton of bling in it and paired with the jacket…the final outcome is unbearable to watch will naked eyes. So, put on a pair of your favourite sunglasses and enjoy this bling power. ๐Ÿ™‚

Style #9 – Futuristic Glare


This style of sunglasses got its inspiration from the future, well DUH! If you are a Sci-Fi movie fan, we are sure you might have seen this on your television screen by now.

These are the NINE sunglasses that we wanted to show you, let us know if you LIKE em or HATE em by commenting down below.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – Will you guys be INTERESTED in seeing more such weird sunglasses as a PART 2? Because we still have some HIDDEN sunglasses pairs that we want to REVEAL.

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