5 Best Vanity Mirrors [Under $25] to do your Makeup

Vanity Mirrors are the need of the hour, it doesn’t matter if you are a renowned Makeup artist or even someone who is new you the world of fashion, you need a good vanity mirror.

Because lighting is the best thing that can save your whole makeup look and save you from all the rookie mistakes that happens while applying makeup in dim lighting.

So, let’s move to the list of the best makeup mirrors with lights a.k.a vanity mirrors:

1. Absolutely Lush Natural Daylight Lighted Makeup Mirror


Find your perfect viewing angle using this Absolutely Lush Lighted Makeup Mirror’s 180° swivel rotation, making it easier to check your makeup or hair from any view! The dimmable touch screen LED lighted makeup mirror with lights that dim as you press and hold your finger on the touch-sensitive button to help you get exactly that right amount of ‘natural daylight replicating’ light to touch-up your makeup or apply your fake lashes.

Price – $18.99

2. Terresa LED Lighted Makeup Mirror With Round 10x Magnifying Mirror

Price – $23.74

3. Terresa Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror


This Terresa compact mirror is perfect for mobile use during or after makeup. With a small folding mirror that fits into your pocket, purse or handbag you can get the perfect 5-inch distortion-free view. This travel mirror has a 7x magnifying for closer detail touch-ups. The other 1x HD mirror is ideal for general cosmetic needs. Choose from tweezing precisely and appearing just flawless on the go!

Price – $18.04

4. KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck 6.8” 7x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

This comes with a 11.5 inch Adjustable Flexible Bendable Gooseneck , so you don’t have to climb onto the vanity to get up close to the mirror and you can stand up in front of the vanity then adjust the height via the gooseneck to find those perfect viewing angles every time! The 360° rotation with locking suction cup provides a secure attachment which is fully adjustable to any desired position.

Price – $24.99

5. Wondruz Lighted Makeup Mirror

This vanity mirror comes with 24 high quality LED lightings so that you can get a well-arranged lighting. You can also dim and brighten up the lights with a long press of ON/OFF touch button. This lighted makeup mirror has three panels of magnification along with a wide viewing for visualising your facial features clearly and making it easy to apply makeup with great details.
Price – $23.99
So, these are the some of the best vanity mirrors that you can get under the price tag of $25. Also, don’t worry folks I have also inserted the links of these products on the amazon store.
Thank You So Much For Reading!
P.s. – Stay Tuned for a HUGE clothing haul that will be live in the coming week.
Disclaimer: All images used are from Google Images.

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