Aliexpress Jewellery Haul: Luxury Choker Necklace [Review]

*This is my latest blog of the ‘Affordable Luxury’ series* 

Hello, my friends! Today, I am writing about something that’s super Boujee and also very affordable. As you might have already guessed by the title of this blog, it’s about all about that BLING baby!

So, for the last few months I have been completely obsessed with CHOKERS especially the ones that are chunky. Because all my favourite models and celebrities were donning those fancy neck pieces all over my Instagram feed. Here are some of the examples in case you are wondering what I am talking about.

I found some chokers similar to the ones that I have pinned above but they ended up being very costly. That’s when I turned towards Aliexpress because my personal experience with this giant e-commerce had been amazing.

Initially, the choker necklaces that I came across were around $10 to $20 but I still wanted to find a more affordable option. That’s when I came across this awesome store that is called MANILAI Official Store, here is the LINK in case you want to check it out.

And GUESS WHAT this beautiful diamond choker is even LESS THAN $5. You want to see this price for yourself, here is the LINK.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying this pretty choker necklace because it is one of those fashion accessories that you need to have so that you can flaunt it on your social media accounts.

Hurry up and try out this necklace before it is SOLD OUT because currently it is available on a discount price of just $4.19 with FREE shipping.

I hope you like the pictures and the video of this shine bright like a diamond choker. Let me know if you want me to try more products from the MANILAI Official Store from Aliexpress. Also, the seller was very sweet and keep me updated with my package information.


I will surely try out some more products from this store, COMMENT down below what you want me to try on next.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s – The choker is quite heavy and is made of great quality, there was no damage to the product in the shipping process. And I have to admit the crystals look really expensive and classy, it is a PERFECT jewellery item to wear on date nights and parties. 🙂

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