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This post contains details of all Ariana Grande Perfumes!

Hey there, my loves! Yes, I have decided to do another new SERIES guys but first let me explain myself. So, I really LOVE Ariana Grande as a person and as an artist! That’s why I wanted to own something that’s made by her or that’s sold under her brand.

And I have been hearing how AWESOME her perfumes are…for the past few years. So, I decided to hope on Google and check out all details regarding her fragrance collection. That’s where I decided to start this celebrity fragrance series because I was not able to find that information on the internet.


So, here I am curating a blog delicately solely to all the fragrances that the famous singer has ever released. Trust me folks, you will thank me for this series later (For Sure!).

Product Info #ArianaGrande

C’mon my people, let’s get this part started, shall we?

1. ARI by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande launched her very FIRST fragrance back in the year 2015, the perfume was called ‘ARI’. And that perfume my friend was an instant HIT!


The scent of this perfume is known to be sexy and luscious that starts with fruity notes but the base is filled with a musk and wood notes.

You wanna check it out, here is the LINK

2. FRANKIE by Ariana Grande

Launched in the year 2016 was Ariana’s first men fragrance but unfortunately fragrance didn’t perform that well in the market like ARI did.


This perfume is named after Ariana Grande’s brother ‘Frank’, the scent of Frankie can be referred to as flirtatious fragrance sweetness of apricot and pear.

In case you wanna know more about it – LINK

3. Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande

This was another scent that was launched in the year 2016, and got damn popular especially in the teen girls. And to be very honest, the majority of girls in their teenage years wants to smell like sweet SWEET candy.


Actually, this is the one that’s my ABSOLUTE favourite and one day I will own it. Chill fam! If you think why I haven’t got it yet, it’s because I currently live in India and you know the drill about internet shipping and all that shit.

The perfume smells like berries, vanilla, and of course candies.

Wanna buy it, here is the LINK

4. Moonlight by Ariana Grande

If you are a fan of HOLO than this is the fragrance that will be up your alley. Moonlight was launched in the year 2017 and its luminescent body got a ton of attention by Ariana’s fans.


Two of the main notes that are evident in this fragrance are juicy plum and rich black current with some creamy sandalwood essence to it.

Hey, you can look up more about Moonlight here – LINK

5. LIMITED EDITION Sweet Like Candy

This is a limited edition version of the Superhit fragrance Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande. One things that make this limited edition stand out from the other perfume is its colour. Because its freaking RED in colour!


Now, let me warn you fist, this edition of sweet like candy is known to be EXTREMELY SWEET smelling. Yup! I am not lying and you can even say that it is dangerously sweet. If you were looking for a scent that is seductively tempting then this right here is the ONE for you.

Know more about this edition here – LINK

6. Cloud by Ariana Grande

This is the latest fragrance by Ariana Grande that has just recently hit the market and this is the perfume that broke the bottle image that Ariana herself has been following for years. As you can see in the picture itself, this perfume bottle is shaped like a cloud.


According to the latest reports, the scent of cloud perfume is somewhat floral and fruity. This costs around 50 bucks and is available at Ulta Beauty.

For more details on cloud perfume, have a look at – LINK

So, these are all the perfumes that Ariana Grande has ever launched till now. Hope you liked this article and if you do then click on that LIKE button for me. So, I can write more such articles on various celebrity fragrance lines.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – Do you want me to write about Britney Spears Perfumes next?

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