Dupe for KYLIE X JORDYN Partner in Crime is…


Hie beauties! I am so FREAKING excited for this particular blog because I just found something that might be of GREAT interest to you (wink!). Honestly, I have been dying to write about this BRAND NEW Kylie X Jordyn collection.


Yes, sweetheart! If you don’t know what I am talking about then don’t worry and keep on reading to know about all that TEA. 😉 So Kylie Jenner is one of the sisters from the Kardashian Clan and Jordyn is her BFF and KYLIE X JORDYN is there latest makeup collection.


I won’t be going into ALL the details regarding each of the product that’s in the collection but just ONE and that my friend is PARTNER IN CRIME.


Let’s start with this short journey of finding that perfect DUPE for this lip product.

Product Info

Partner in Crime is a lip gloss from the KYLIE X JORDYN collection which is an ultra-glossy product that has luminous shine that glides on the lips pretty smoothly and evenly with added shea butter that leaves behind a radiant and moisturizing shine.


These are the claims that are made by Kylie Cosmetics official website. This high shine gloss can be worn alone, with your favorite Lip Liner or just layer it on top of your favourite Matte Liquid Lipstick to make it POP.


This lip gloss comes with a price tag of $16 which is not that bad right…BUT…what if I told you that I found an AWESOME affordable alternative for this product that costs just 6 DAMN bucks.


According to me, the dupe for the KYLIE X JORDYN Partner in Crime lip gloss is the FUDG’D Ultra Glossy Lip by the brand ColourPop Cosmetics. I mean, my DUDE just look at the pictures and you will get the point.


Actually that isn’t the only DUPE that I found of Kylie’s Partner in Crime, I also found a great alternative for all my INDIAN readers which is somewhat cheaper than the ColourPop one.


Hit that SUBSCRIBE button to know about that dupe that’s even costs less for all my Cheeky Talkers from India.


In case you wanna check it out, here is the – LINK!

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s – According to you, who won between the Kylie Cosmetics ($16) or ColourPop ($6)?

*Disclaimer – All images used in this article are from Google Images*

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