Top 7 YouTube Videos that You CAN’T Miss [Ft. ThatSpecxyGirl] |Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Hello my friends! In today’s blog post, I will be sharing some of the awesome videos that you should definitely take a look at. Now, before we begin with the videos I want to inform you that the genre of these youtube gemstones.

Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle are the main categories that these top youtube videos will be covering. Don’t worry I will be adding a short description of the video along with the youtube links. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s get started with the amazing youtube video, shall we?


1. HUGE club factory haul review !!! [PART 2 ]

This was the second time I ordered from the club factory app. But this time I was quiet disappointed with the sweatshirt’s material. Other than that the products are good and they also deliver the products in 15 days.

The link to all the products is mentioned below:

Grey sweatshirt –…

White sweatshirt –…

Grey handbag –…

Cosmetic bag –…

Detangler comb –…

Makeup brush –…

Double layered chain –…

Also you can use my code to get special offers and discounts i.e. 979565ec0


2.ย Club factory disappointed me | SCAM ?

This time I am very disappointed with club factory because I didn’t receive any information of cancellation of my products. I am keeping my links below so you can compare the packaging and products.


3.ย Aliexpress and lulu and sky haul | WORTH IT ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Lulu and Sky is a somewhat a high-end brand that has been gaining popularity recently. And Aliexpress is a HUGE online shopping website that has everything you need from trending clothes to latest gadgets.



Here are my 4 fav body mist from the Victoria secret. I hope you will like the video.

Blog link for amber romance –…

Blog link for love spell –…


5.ย MINISO haul India | Top 5 PICKS UNDER 1000 BUCKS

I went to the newly opened 2nd outlet of miniso japan in India today. The store is really adorable, affordable and cute. To know more please watch the full video.

Miniso is an affordable designer Japanese brand that is currently making rounds in India.


6.ย Reliance trends try on haul *SALE*

Because DIWALI is just around the corner like HALLOWEEN it’s time for massive offers, discounts, and SALE such as Reliance Trends.


7.ย Club factory clothing try on haul | yay or nay?

These are the bunch of T-shirts I got from club factory. Please let me know which one was your fav? I hope you enjoyed the video guys.

So, these are the 7 youtube videos that I think should you take a look at. These videos are informative as well as entertaining.

Also, the videos that I have mentioned above are from a particular youtube channel that is being run by VARSHIKA SINGH. Here is the LINK of the official channel Varshika Singh.


Hope you enjoyed these videos and let me know in the COMMENT section down below the video that you liked the MOST.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

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