Trendy Designer BOHO Jewellery: Big Gold Earrings [Review]

*This is my ANOTHER edition of the ‘Affordable Luxury’ series* 

Hi, Beautiful people! Guess what we will be talking about…YUP, that’s right. This blog is all about gorgeous jewellery items.

A few days back, I did a short and sweet review on a Luxury Choker Necklace and you guys loved it so damn much. In case you haven’t read it yet then here is the LINK.

That’s why I have decided to do another review on some more jewellery pieces and this time it’s all about ’em earrings. And not just any earrings folks but special BOHO style earrings that are so in FASHION right now.

One of the fashion trends that is currently happening in 2018 is bohemian style necklaces, bracelets, earrings, chains, and rings. I have added some images to provide you folks an idea of what is in high demand in the market.

To find such amazing pieces of jewellery, the next thing I did is got online and searched a ton of stores. But in the end, I have to go back to Aliexpress to look for good quality earrings at an affordable price.

So, I decided to go ahead with these two traditional and mordern style earrings. You can find these earrings on many stores on Aliexpress but if you want to find the most affordable option. Then MANILAI Official Store is the one for you, here is the LINK in case you want to check it out.

I tried to pick styles that were different from one another that’s why the white one indicates the mordern style. While the green one showcases the traditional culture.

These MANILAI Brand Straw Rattan Knit Raffia Tassels Statement Earrings (For Women Bohemian Big Drop Dangle Earrings Geometric Jewelery) are so pretty and lightweight. Here is the LINK in case you wanna have a closer look at these beauties.

I think these earringa are perfect if you are looking to go on a beach trip like Thaliand, Bali etc.

I have also added a CLOSEUP video of each pair of earrings to you can get to know more about the quality of the products. Now, let’s move to the second pair of earrings that is more traditional BOHO style in gold.

The model wearing the earring in all pictures is my sister her instagram handle is THATSPECXYGIRL. And here is the LINK for these gorgeous green and golden bohomeian earrings.

Another thing that I like is the packaging, both pair of earrings were not damaged and were securely packed. Although, these earrings fall on a little heavier side because its not plastic…it’s metal.

As you can see in the pictures that I have clicked myself (Wink!) 😉 . There are also other colors available in these earrings like red, pink, white, blue and many more.

And the best part about these earrings is that they are so VERY much affordable, I mean each of them costs less than $5. Currently, there is a discount going on the MANILAI store so hurry up and shop your HEART out.

You will find a ton of different earring style at this store on Aliexpress, I personally LOVE this jewellery store. I really like the MANILAI Bohemia Copper Alloy Cotton Tassels Earrings (For Women 6 Color Fringe Statement Dangle Earrings Beach Jewelry Gift).

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I HIGHLY recommend buying these high-end luxury products at a super afforable price range.

I will surely try out some more products from this store, COMMENT down below what you want me to try on next.

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

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