5 Skin Care Tips to Prevent Post-Gym Breakouts [2018]


Coupled with a healthy diet, exercise is great for our body. It’s also great for our skin. For one, it dilates pores which help in expelling trapped oil and dirt. It also increases blood circulation which in turn lends vibrancy to the skin. It is no wonder then that working out can actually reverse skin aging, making people look years younger than they really are.
Unfortunately, if you do not take certain precautions, you could end up with an unpleasant breakout after your workout. Poor hygiene and unsuitable clothing are a few reasons why this happens. Read on to know about 5 skin-care tips to prevent post-gym breakouts.

  1. Don’t exercise with your makeup on!

Exercise increases skin temperature. So your skin will likely absorb more of whatever is on it. Absorbed makeup can cause congestion, discoloration, dryness, and finally, blocked pores!
Another problem with exercising in makeup is that the sweating function is compromised. A foundation-plastered face would inhibit sweating. No sweat means your skin can’t get rid of the unwanted grime on your face. All types of toxins could get trapped against your skin.

  1. Wash your face prior to exercise and shower after

Washing your face before your workout is very essential. You are going to be sweating a lot when you exercise but it’s not the sweat that’s bad. By making sure your face is clean before the workout, you’re getting rid of oil, debris, dirt and excess dead cells that are already on your face. If you don’t, you would be sweating up against them which could result in clogged pores.
Alternately, you can use a skin cleanser. Opt for a creamy, gentle one over the stripping variety because the latter could harm your skin. You should also shower after exercise and then apply moisturizer. As far as choosing a product goes, organic skincare wins!


  1. Tie your hair back

If you’re at the gym and your hair keeps falling on your face, there could be bacteria transfer from hair to face. That means an increased possibility for breakouts. So if you’re wondering where those forehead pimples are coming from, this could be it!
Ideally tie your hair back, into a ponytail. Don’t have enough hair for that? Wear a headband. When choosing a band to use during your workout, go for one that’s moisture-wicking.

  1. Wear loose-fitting comfortable and clean clothing

Your face is not the only acne-prone area. Acne may appear on other areas of the body too such as the chest, buttocks, or back. Chances are this is because of the friction from yourfitness apparel rubbing against those areas.

Light-weight T-shirts and loose tops, shorts and pants are a safe bet to minimize clothing rubbing on your skin. Ladies, make sure your sports bra is secure and not too tight. The clothing you wear should also ideally be made from natural fabrics. Man-made fabrics such as polyester can lock in moisture on your skin. As in the case of head-bands, prefer moisture-wicking fabric.
Lastly, the clothing you workout in should be clean. Also wash it after the workout, whenever convenient. Don’t forget to carry a clean towel too.

  1. Wipe equipment before use

As per a study by FitRated, the usual free weights harbor more than 362 times the quantity of bacteria than a toilet seat does. The treadmill is less worrying but still bad. On average, it has 74 times the bacteria levels of your standard public bathroom faucet. So imagine the consequences if you touch the equipment and then touch your face!

Check if your gym provides sprays or pre-moistened anti-bacterial wipes. Wipe clean the surface of any machine you intend to use, prior to use. You don’t know what kind of germs might be stuck there (sweat from a previous equipment user, unwashed hands after coming out of the bathroom, and so on). If the gym doesn’t have cleaning wipes, bring your own. At no cost should you use your own face towel to wipe down the equipment.
Next time you head to the gym after your whey protein shake, make sure you’re covered as far as your skin goes. You won’t regret it.

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P.s. – This blog is written by Harold Camaya and she is a blogger who loves to write in different verticals. She co-authored Supercharge Organic Traffic: A popular course focusing on Organic Traffic for Ecommerce. Her hobbies are travelling and reading novels.

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