All-New BAPE x Adidas Collaboration: Featuring Xeno Reflective Material

Till now the brand has revealed a pair of pants, a jacket, and a hoodie. 

So, Adidas and BAPE are coming together to release a brand collaboration. This collection features a similar pattern that was shared earlier in BAPE x Adidas Skateboarding 3ST.002 shoe model series.

This apparel range consists of Xeno Reflective material which is an iridescent fabric that is apparently used for the stripes, panels, and logos emblazoned on this collection pieces. Till now a hoodie, jacket, and pair of pants have been revealed. Here, you can see the collective sports BAPE’s signature camo pattern as the main base in black and white.

According to a Leaker account, @py_rates it has been stated that the collection drop will take place on November 3. So hit that SUBSCRIBE button to stay tuned with us as more info comes out relating to this particular collaboration.

My thoughts – Well, to be honest, the design is not that over-the-top. I mean all this black and a little bit of reflective STUFF didn’t do much for me. Overall, this collaboration falls on a MAYBE scale for me!

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – BAPE has also introduced BAPY, a female-focused clothing line. Will you be interested in an article dedicated to BAPY?

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